(Pocket-lint) - iPod docks are like buses. They're a bit old fashioned, always a bit clunky, but they do a job. Oh yeah, and they always come in twos.

And after Gear4 unleashed its latest iPod dock alarm clock, right on cue German audio specialist Teufel announces its latest device - the iTeufel Radio v2 - a follow up to last year's effort.

The iTeufel Radio v2 lets you wake up to your favourite radio station or tune from your iDevice in high quality. The manufacturer is keen to point out that the v2 is "no tinny bedside alarm clock".

It has two 7.5W satellite speakers and a 35W subwoofer, giving you a 50W output. There's also a bass adjustment switch and an an improved screen with less glare, that should also be more night-time friendly.

We're not ones for using lazy stereotypes here at Pocket-lint (just clichés, as you can see in both the headline and opening paragraph) but we would have thought that the Germans wouldn't need an alarm clock - their super efficient brains would simply wake them up at the correct time.

Maybe they realise that the lazy English are in need of a kick-start in the morning though, and that's why they're flogging them here - at £179 a pop. You can get one direct from Teufel online.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.