Gear4 has knocked up yet another bedroom iPod dock, although the AlarmDock Halo does throw in some nifty alarm features.

Using the free SmartDock app, clock and alarm settings sync automatically whenever you plug in your iPod or iPhone and the alarms will even stay synced when you remove them.

The SmartDock app adds some other nice features for controlling the AlarmDock Halo as well, such as in FM radio the app auto-scans for radio stations with one touch, whilst the screen displays the frequency dial, making it easier to fine-tune stations manually.

The dock gives you an unlimited number of alarms using either your tunes, the radio or other sounds.

On board there's a hidden subwoofer for "uncompromising sound", and back up battery for memory saving when detached from power source.

The SmartDock powered Gear4 AlarmDock Halo is out now and will cost you £99.

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