(Pocket-lint) - Peachtree Audio, the US audio manufacturer who states that its products "link the divide between audiophiles and digital music" were in London this week to mark the UK launch of three of its products.

First up is the iDecco which, according to its maker, is the "world’s first valve hybrid 40 Watts per channel integrated amplifier with Pure Digital iPod dock and on-board DAC".

What this means is that you're looking at a top loading iPod docking system which drags the digital signal directly from your Apple device before processing the signal using the built in DAC (digital to analogue converter). 

Next up is the big boy of the bunch, the Nova, which has an 80 Watts per channel solid-state amplifier, three analogue and five digital inputs and an on-board DAC.

It also has Sonos multiroom wireless music system connectivity via a slot in the back, where you can put a ZP90 zone, which connects to the digital input, allowing for high-quality tunes in all of your rooms.

Finally, we have the Decco 2 which has the same spec as the iDecco and the same ESS 9006 Sabre DAC as its Nova cousin.

It also has the Sonos hook up option as well as Class A valve pre-amplifier and high-end headphone pre-amplifier (that you'll also find on the Nova).

All of the systems are out in October with the following price tags:

Nova - £1099.99 (Available in black, rosewood or cherry) 

Decco2 - £849.99 (Black) 

iDecco - £999.99 (Black)

Writing by Paul Lamkin.