US manufacturer and online retailer, Orb Audio, has taken a pair of its unique Mod 1 satellites, added an audiophile amplifier and crafted a high end-end iPhone / iPod / PC speaker system that's small in stature but massive in sound.

The Mod 1's each measure a fraction over 4-inches in diameter, but cram a 3-inch full-range driver inside. Their enclosures are made from solid steel, and come in a variety of finishes (although some of the come at a premium), and the binding posts are gold-plated.

Also included in the package is a Pyle Pro amplifier, with a peak output of 40W, and 3 stereo RCA inputs. Essentially, it's designed to be connected to a home computer, iPod or iPhone, or, even, a TV to replace the internal speakers.

The whole package costs $299, and Orb Audio will ship internationally for between $45 - $185 depending on the number and weight of items ordered.

It is also modular, hence the name Mod 1, and you can have all manner of different options added at extra expense, such as a subwoofer or an upgrade to the double driver version of the speakers, Mod 2. To find out more, visit the company's website at