Altec Lansing used IFA as the base to launch its two latest iPod docks into the wild.

First up, the audio specialist announced the mini Octiv 102 docking station, which measures just 10cm wide and 12.5cm deep.

It is designed with your bedside cabinet in mind - giving you a station to charge your iPod or iPhone and also letting you use it as an alarm clock with the free Altec Lansing Alarm Rock app.

"Because the Octiv 102 functions as a dock, a charger and an alarm clock with the included app, it represents an amazing value that will be appreciated by those who will not compromise on sound quality for a smaller footprint", said Adrian Bedggood, Altec Lansing EMEA manager.

"Music is an integral part of life for many people and we’re making it easy for users to experience great sound in a small package or wake up immersed in their favourite music".

Next up was the Octiv 202 dual audio dock, which has space for two of your Apple devices and even has a USB port to charge your iPad as well (or any other branded product).

Combined with another free app, Music Mix, this dock lets you play back tunes from two devices seamlessly - good news if you can't fit all of your music on one device.

"The Octiv 202 is a fantastic solution for charging and listening to two iPods or iPhones: with brilliant sound quality and the free apps - you don’t need a bigger more complex audio dock", said Bedggood.

Both docks are out in September with the Octiv 102 costing £39.99 and the 202 £40 more at £79.99.