Gear4 has launched the The X Factor Karaoke Party Box, giving fans of the show the chance to belt out some of their favourite songs from the show.

The X Factor Karaoke Party Box plugs into your laptop and allows to to sing along with songs streamed from the X Factor Karaoke website.

The site has all the "classics" from the show (are there any?) and you can create playlists to try out with your buddies. The good news is that Simon Cowell won't turn up and tell you how awful you were.

It's all powered by Lucky Voice, the online karaoke specialist, and with a purchase of the setup you'll get a voucher for a month's access to the 7500 songs available.

The X Factor Karaoke Party Box is yours for £69.99 - you'll find it at John Lewis, HMV, Argos or Currys Digital.