Multimedia speaker manufacturer Edifier has added a whole range of new colour schemes to its dinky 2.1 Aurora system. Comprising a tubular subwoofer and two miniature golf-ball satellites, the system is designed for PC use mainly, and is portable enough to also accompany a laptop.

As there is a 3.5mm mini-jack port, it's also suitable for any kind of MP3 player. And, although it's only wee, it is capable of coughing out 22 Watts of power through the stereo pair alone. The bass unit comprises a 2-inch, magnetically sealed woofer.

However, it is the new range of colours that make the Aurora stand out among the crowd. Naturally, as is the way with these things, the colour schemes have interesting names: Asphalt Grey, Electric Blue, Liquid Silver, Luminous Yellow, Midnight Blue, Passion Pink, Spicy Red, Stormy Black, Tangy Orange, being nine of them. But "Original Red" is our favourite. It's the colour that red was originally, before it went off the rails and started its experimental phase, culminating in a long stint at a colour detox camp before announcing a new back-to-its-roots tour.

Costing £49.99, and available from stores such as Amazon and Currys, the mutli-coloured Aurora speakers are out now.