If you're looking for an ultra high-end digital music system then look no further - because the Meridian Sooloos Control 15 could be exactly what you're after.

It's a free-standing 17-inch touchscreen monster that not only hooks up to Meridian's DSP loudspeakers, it can also be connected to any Hi-Fi system set up via high-resolution S/PDIF and SpeakerLink digital audio connectivity.

It's got a 500GB hard-drive and so is able to store 1000 CD albums losslessly, and it can also store MP3s - but why would you bother compressing with a high-end system like this?

As well as your stored music it can also playback CDs via an optical slot - which also lets you directly store your CDs content to the HDD - and it can also stream internet radio as well.

You control the Control 15 using the supplied remote or you can get an iOS app for free from the App Store.

The system is out this month and will cost you a whopping £4750. Yep, nearly £5k. If you can afford one, you may as well get two - after all they are designed to link up.