We7, the browser based music streaming service, has announced a tie-up with the Guardian Media Group (GMG) whereby it will broadcast radio news broadcasts in between songs.

The real-time, integrated news bulletins will allow you to keep up with what's going on in the world - whilst listening to your favourite tunes.

CEO and co-founder of We7, Steve Purdham, said:

“This partnership marries high quality news production and delivery with the new paradigm of on-demand music. Radio and cloud based music can learn a great deal from each other, so we are really excited about working with GMG Radio”.

This sounds like a great idea to us. Often, when using music streaming services like We7 or Spotify, especially for long periods of time, you can find that you get a bit cut-off from what's going on - especially if you get heavily involved in an early 90s Hacienda style mega-mix (or is that just us?).

This news service now means that you can practically create your own personalised radio stations without having to put up with incredibly annoying DJs (Scott Mills, we're looking at you) or having to listen to the occasional rubbish song.

Check out We7 if you haven't already. You can stream songs without signing up or log in and pay for a ad-free service. You can also buy music from its built-in store.

Radio news bulletins during music streaming - yay or nay? Let us know below...