Glass loudspeaker expert Waterfall Audio has upgraded its popular Hurricane satellite speakers after 8 years. The Hurricane Evo speakers feature new hardware but still keep the classic Hurricane look.

The Evo range has new tweeters and drivers courtesy of Atohm and they use Waterfall's patented Heatstream technology which delivers high-powered performance without losing heat from the voice-coil, which could lead to over saturation or distortion.

The speakers have a peak power of 400-watts (with a recommended amp of 50 - 200-watts. They weigh around 2kg and have dimensions of 180 x 80 x 275mm.

Available in black, white, silver, green or orange, the Hurricane Evo can be bought on its own for £355, or as part of a 2.1 setup where you'll get two speakers and a Waterfall HF2 sub-woofer for just over £1400. Both options are available now.