(Pocket-lint) - Quick, KEF has announced that its almost sold out of its limited edition Muon speakers. The speakers, of which only 100 pairs were produced, were originally released back in August 2008.

Hang on a minute, only 100 pairs made and it has struggled to shift them all in 2 years. Something doesn't add up. Maybe the £140,000 price tag is putting people off.

In all seriousness, these are some beautiful speakers which, as you'd expect for £140,000, feature an extremely high end spec. And to sell almost 100 at that sort of money - well, Kef has done pretty well.

The Muon speakers are made from super-formed aluminium with malleable sheets of heated aluminium formed to achieve their gorgeous curves and shapes.

The four-way speaker system is mounted into the front of the structure and it has powerful bass drivers and a Uni-Q drive unit array that can deliver a seamless sonic picture listening experience.

KEF also used its ACE technology, meaning it could double the available volume through adsorption of air molecules by activated carbon. Two additional bass drivers found in the back of the speakers help the setup produce a clean and open sound and the 6mm thick, heavily damped aluminium shell provides a structure that minimises any sound-distorting vibrations.

Basically, for £140,000 you can get yourself a pair of speakers that not only look like something from the future - they also work pretty well too.

If you're interested then you can find your nearest KEF dealer here.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.