If you're an audiophile, but you still love to keep your music digitally and on portable devices like an MP3 player or your netbook, then Eclipse may well have come up with the answer with its TD508II-UD desktop speaker system.

As far as desktop speaker systems go, this is a Rolls-Royce. But for this quality you're also going to have to pay some serious cash - £649.99 to be precise.

For your money you are getting some seriously hi-spec kit though. It's a two-speaker set with a matching amplifier. Each speaker has an ultra-fast single driver design with no crossover to smear the sound. Eclipse also states that, as a result of no DSP, phase and timing is better.

The speakers have a non-resonant composite egg cabinet meaning superb clarity, a zinc alloy internal structure and there's 360 degree mounting options for desk, wall or even ceiling use.

The amplifier is designed specifically to match the speakers. It's an anti-resonant cone design with heavy cast-alloy structure that is fitted with phono inputs and large gold-plated speaker terminals. All of its audio inputs and outputs are gold plated and its makers state that, because of its structure it doesn't need tone controls or equalisers, as it says these would disturb "its outstanding phase characteristics".

If you needed further reassurance that you'd be getting some top-notch kit then you may wish to know that the technology within the Eclipse TD508II-UD is based on its TD712zMK2 setup, which costs more than £5000.

The Eclipse TD508II-UD is available in black, white or silver and, as stated, will set you back £649.99.