We love a novelty bit of tech. And when it comes to novelty tech we say the dafter the better. In the past we've reported on hair dryer headsets, skull shaped phones, banana USB drives and TVs that are shaped like footballs.

But we've never reported on a pair of speakers that are shaped like a pair of stilettos. In fact, we're quietly confident that there has never been a speaker system of this ilk before.

The Gimme Tunes Sonic stilettos are powered by USB sockets and you simply plug them into your devices headphone jack.

These speakers would be a perfect present for any of your female friends, or even as a joke for your male buddies. Or, if you know any cross dressers, then we're sure that they would get a kick out of them - no pun intended.

The Gimmes Tunes speakers are available now from Gadgetshop, in pink or red, and are priced at £24.99