If you liked the look of last year's Teufel System 5 THX Select 2, the world's first THX Select 2 certified home theatre system, but couldn't afford the hefty price tag then you might just be interested in Teufel's latest offering - the Teufel System 5.

The Teufel System 5 comes in at either £899 or £999 depending on your speaker preferences, which is a darn site cheaper than the £1500-odd of the previous THX Select 2 set up. So, what are you getting for your money?

Well, it's like its bigger brother except it employs just a single subwoofer unit rather than two. There are three front satellite speakers that use newly developed flat-diaphragm technology in their midrange drivers to aid with distortion and there's a front baffle design which should improve overall sound radiation. There is also an extremely responsive speaker at 91dB/w/m.

At the back there are two S 50D dipole wall-mountable speakers and the solitary S 5000 SW subwoofer should give you perfectly matched bass via the 300mm neodymium woofer.

Get your system online, direct from Teufel. Or don't. The choice is yours.

System 5 THX Select 2