Denon has announced the arrival of the follow up to 2008's D-M37 micro Hi-Fi: the D-M38DAB, with direct USB input. The USB socket on the front means you'll be able to plug your iPod, iPad or iPhone directly into your Hi-Fi system for a “pure digital signal”.

Using your white Apple USB to hook up your music player to the D-M38DAB, the signal goes through the device's high-precision D/A converter processing the music through advanced audio circuitry to produce a clean, high-quality sound. 

Basically, it means that it should sound better than it does when you connect to a Hi-Fi using audio leads and the 3.5mm jacks. 

The USB connection doesn't solely work with iTunes either - there's app playback as well, so your and Spotify playlists can also be relayed. 

As well as the iPod/Pad/Phone capabilities there is also a DAB/DAB+ and analogue radio with radio text, a CD player, a 60W amp, two audio inputs and outputs and two, high quality SC-M37 speakers. 

The D-M38DAB is out in July and the unit comes in either a black or silver finish with black wood speakers. It will cost a penny less than £330.