High-end speaker brand, Eclipse, has refined its gorgeously-designed TD712z speaker range to create the MK2, a loudspeaker that is as clear and concise as it is insane-looking.

Reassuringly expensive, the £5300 a pair loudspeakers are the result of 6 years of tweaking and listening, and have been fine-tuned to give as true an audio experience as is possible.

Even the aesthetics are reliant on performance; as bonkers as they may look, every element of the design is focused on speed and accuracy. Each 712 delivers only the signal from the drive unit, with the cabinet itself adding nothing. This is proper high-end stuff and, we think, utterly, utterly beautiful.

And while they are perfect for stereo music playback, the MK2s can even be used as the surrounds in a full 9.1 home cinema set-up. Obviously, you'll need over £45,000 to spare, but we can dream. We can dream.