Why buy a shelf and an iPod dock when you can buy a shelf that is an iPod dock? That must have been what German manufacturers Finite Elemente were thinking when they designed the Hohrizontal 51.

You see, the Hohrizontal 51 is a fully functional iPod dock complete with two 25W speakers and integrated pseudo surround sound. It's also a fully functional shelf that can hold up to 25kg of your stuff.

The shelf also has an audio-in jack so you can also hook up your TV or, heaven forbid, a non Apple-manufactured MP3 player. Plus, there's composite video-out for the iPod's display and audio-out too, if you want to add more sound to the shelf.

The picture here shows the walnut finish, but there's another six colours available if that doesn't fit with your current furniture setup.

If you want one, take a look at Finite Elemente's website or take a trip down the Autobahn to one of the many recommended dealers.

At over £430, the Hohrizontal 51 may just be the most expensive shelf that you'll ever own.