Yamaha has unveiled a soundbar, except it's not calling it a soundbar. Instead, it's calling it the "YSP-4100 Digital Sound Projector", but we know the truth, don't we?

It's designed for 40- and 42-inch televisions and promises loud, clear, and rich audio that sounds like it's coming from all around you, despite all originating from the box below your screen. It does that by bouncing soundwaves off the walls and ceiling, to virtualise upto 7.1-channel surround.

There's an optional port for a subwoofer, should you feel the whole setup isn't bassy enough, and there's also an automatic calibration system that measures beam angles, levels and frequency response to deliver what it reckons is the best sound for your particular room. There's also 11 different DSP programmes - three for movies, three for music and five for "entertainment", whatever that is.

The YSP-4100 will cost £1200, and there's also a slightly larger version for those with bigger televisions. The YSP-5100 costs £1500. No availability info, but we wouldn't be surprised if they show up within the next month or so.