Canadian audio manufacturer Paradigm has built what it claims is the lowest, loudest, subwoofer in the entire world. It comes in two editions - the SUB 1 and the SUB 2, the former being a slightly cut-down version of its big brother.

The company reckons that by using six low-distortion 10-inch drivers, the SUB 2 can hit 7Hz frequencies with 112dB output at 10Hz and 126dB at 60Hz. It delivers 4500W of continuous power and 9000W of peak power, meaning that your neighbours really won't be happy.

The SUB 1 is slightly smaller - using six 8-inch drivers to deliver 1700W of continuous power and 3400W of peak power. Both sets will self-equalize to match your room and offer voltage detection, a UPS and power consumption monitoring.

They don't come cheap, though - the SUB 1 costs £3500 and the SUB 2 will set you back a huge £7500. If you want the lowest and loudest, though, then you're going to have to pay for it. Both versions are shipping now.