Teufel has just dropped us word of the Theater 100 - a 5.1 surround sound  home cinema and hi-fi speaker set that's meant as the replacement to the Theater 1.

The Theater 100 comprises of two unidirectional front speakers with 30mm mid-range drivers, and 25mm cloth dome tweeters packed into a 5 litre wooden enclosure.

It also has two dipole speakers with twice the drivers packed into each enclosure for the rear speakers, a centre speaker with the same specs, but the tweeter set back a few millimeters (to provide great "voice understandability", according to Teufel's website), and a 250W active subwoofer that goes down to 33Hz.

It comes in dark wood with a high gloss black front panel, and it'll set you back a tasty £535. It's available now, from Teufel's website.