Sales of digital radio sets have reached a new milestone, "smashing the ten million barrier", reveals the Digital Radio Development Bureau.

With Christmas sales still to register, the DRDB has issued the news that sales of digital radios topped 10 million at the end of November.

The first 5 million sales milestone was reached after 8 years in 2007, so the second 5 million has been achieved in 30 months.

"This is a significant moment for everyone in the digital radio industry: broadcasters, manufacturers and retailers. 10 million sales is an incredible achievement for any technology, and it proves that digital radio is here to stay", says DRDB chief exec Tony Moretta.

"With even greater promotion by radio stations, wider support from the car industry and the further development of the technology through colour screens, Wi-Fi etc, we expect the growth of digital radio to continue strongly over the next few years to the point where a nationwide digital upgrade can become a reality".