Klipsch's iGroove SXT launched back in 2007 and promised a horn-loaded, high-fidelity iPod dock for audiophiles. Well, it seems someone at Klipsch HQ has decided they aren't quite happy enough with it, so the company is rolling out an updated version.

The new model keeps the dual long-throw 2.5-inch woofers and 19mm horn-loaded tweeters of the original, but adds bi-amplification for the speakers, meaning that each driver is amplified individually. Klipsch reckons that will eliminate distortion and improve sonic performance.

On top of that, the SXT's bass ports, on the sides, have been re-tuned to remove "port noise", and the system has now passed Apple's "Works with iPhone" certification - so you shouldn't get any network noise (beep b-beep, beep b-beep) with this speaker.

It has a 30-pin connector, and other devices can be connected via a rear auxiliary input. There's also a 1000mA rapid charge circuit, so you can juice up your battery lickety-split while you're listening - apparently Klipsch's dock is the only one on the market with this feature at the time of writing.

The iGroove SXT comes in one colour, a black-and-silver combo, and is accompanied by an IR remote. It costs £130 - a little more than the original's £100 price point - and is available right now.