B&O Play, Bang & Olufsen's lifestyle subsidiary, makes some of the best looking and best sounding Bluetooth speakers on the market. There are a couple of ranges within B&O Play's lineup: BeoPlay and BeoLit, with the BeoLit name dating back to 1939 - you can read more about Bang & Olufsen's history here.

We have broken down each of the Bang & Olufsen and B&O Play speakers currently available to tell you all about their price, features and why it might be the best one to fit your lifestyle. 

Quick Summary

There are eight speakers in B&O Play's range (although you'll only find six on the company's website), starting with the BeoPlay A1, which is the smallest and cheapest Bluetooth speaker of the range, though still dust and splash-resistant.

The BeoPlay A2 is bigger than the A1 and offers more powerful sound, but it is still portable. There is also an A2 Active that comes with a new colour finish and NATO fabric carry strap.

The Beolit 17 replaces the Beolit 15 (though the 15 is still available to buy), and is also a portable speaker that offers 240 watts of audio power, a long-life battery and a one-touch button on top that can be used to activate one of four different functions. 

The Beoplay A6 is the entry-point into B&O Play's home speakers, while the A9 is as much a piece of furniture as it is a powerful Bluetooth speaker. Finally, there's the M5 speaker, which is a multi-room speaker first and foremost that can partner up with the A6 and A9.

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B&O Play BeoPlay A1


  • Dimensions: 48 x 133mm, 0.6kg
  • Connections: Bluetooth, Aux-in
  • Colours: Sand Stone, Tangerine, Charcoal Sand, Black, Natural, Moss Green, Deep Red

The BeoPlay A1 is the smallest B&O Play speaker and the most affordable at £199. It's a disc-shaped speaker that, like most of B&O's other products, makes use of a lot of aluminium. The entire front grille is made of the metal, while the base is made from a double-moulded polymer that adds a layer of durability.

Underneath the grille is a 9cm woofer and a 20mm tweeter, each of which receive 30W of Class D amplification. That's a lot for a speaker of this size, and goes some way to explaining how it's able to pump out some serious volume. 

The 2,200mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to 24 hours and be topped up quickly thanks to USB Type-C port. You can also wirelessly connect two together to create a stereo pair. The best thing about the BeoPlay A1 is just how good it sounds considering its size. Its sound is well-balanced and can easily compete with some speakers that are much larger.

If you're looking for a great looking, portable Bluetooth speaker that's robust and delivers a sound that belies its size, the BeoPlay A1 is for you.

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B&O Play BeoPlay A2

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  • Dimensions: 44 x 142 x 256mm, 1.1kg
  • Connections: Bluetooth, Aux-In
  • Colours: Black, Grey, Green

The BeoPlay A2 was the first Bluetooth speaker to be released under the B&O Play name. There's a 3-inch full-range driver and a 3/4-inch tweeter on each side of the speaker, designed to give the speaker 360-degree sound. Connection is via Bluetooth, and the higher-quality aptX variety is supported for compatible devices.

It can connect to more than one Bluetooth device at a time, so one phone could be streaming music to it, but if you get a phone call on a second phone, that audio will takeover. Like the BeoPlay A1, the BeoPlay A2 promises a battery life of up to 24 hours and also like it's smaller sibling, you can pair multiple A2s together (up to eight), to really improve the sound. It's able to withstand the odd splash of water, but don't take it into a swimming pool. 

If it's a portable Bluetooth speaker you're after, and you want more power than the BeoPlay A1 can muster, the BeoPlay A2 is one of the best available.

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B&O Play BeoPlay A2 Active

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  • Dimensions: 44 x 142 x 256mm, 1.1kg
  • Connections: Bluetooth, Aux-In
  • Colours: Charcoal Sand, Natural, Stone Grey

The BeoPlay A2 Active is identical to the BeoPlay 2 behind the grille, but it has undergone a few cosmetic changes including new colour finishes and a dust-proof coating. B&O Play has ditched the leather carry strap too, replacing it with a NATO-inspired fabric strap instead. 

B&O Play has also replaced the DC power unit from the original A2 with a USB Type-C port to enable much faster charging. The battery still promises a 24 hours of life. The BeoPlay A2 Active can be used with the Beoplay companion app for Android and iOS, which can be used to adjust the sound settings to your personal preference.

There's isn't much discernible difference between the A2 and the A2 Active, but considering the latter is the same price as the former, the Active would be the model we recommend.

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B&O Play BeoPlay A6

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  • Dimensions: 536 x 298 x 144mm
  • Connections: Bluetooth, AirPlay, Google Cast, DLNA, Spotify Connect, Deezer, TuneIn, Ethernet, Aux-In
  • Colours: Light Grey, Oxidised Brass  Covers: Moss Green, Dark Grey, Dusty Blue, Dark Rose

The BeoPlay A6 is a mains-powered speaker so needs to be left in at home, but that's no bad thing because it's capable of delivering serious room-filling sound. It has a rather funky, unusual design, and considering its slim dimensions, B&O Play has managed to pack in two 60-watt 5.5-inch woofers, two 30-watt 0.75-inch tweeters and a 60-watt 1.5-inch full-range driver. 

The A6 can be used as part of a multi-room music system with other B&O Play and Bang & Olufsen speakers via the BeoLink platform, and music can be started instantly with the touch of a button on top. The speaker can be wall-mounted and a wide range of Kvadrat woollen covers are available to change its look.

The BeoPlay A6 is a very versatile speaker that works with a large number of streaming services, and DLNA integration means you can wirelessly stream any music files you have stored on a server or your computer. If you really enjoy your music, and have it stored in a number of different libraries, the BeoPlay A6 would be an ideal speaker for your home.

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B&O Play BeoPlay A9

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  • Dimensions: 701 x 908 x 415mm on stand / 701 x 213mm on wall, 15kg including legs
  • Connections: USB, Aux-In, Ethernet, Spotify Connect, Deezer, TuneIn, Google Cast, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth
  • Colours: White, Black, Smoked Oak legs / Dark Grey, Dusty Blue, Dark Rose, Light Grey, Green, Brown, Red, Blue, Silver, White, Black covers

The B&O Play BeoPlay A9 is very much an iconic B&O product. It looks just as much like a piece of furniture than it does a speaker. In fact, on first glance, you might not know it's a speaker at all. Behind its round exterior you'll find a 160 watt 8-inch bass woofer, two 3-inch, 80-watt midrange drivers and two 0.75-inch, 80-watt tweeters. 

The BeoPlay A9 has some cool tricks up its sleeve too. To turn the volume up or down you simply swipe your hand across the top of the speaker, or you can rest your hand on top for a few seconds to mute what's playing. A tap of the right hand side will skip the track forward, while a tap on the left will skip it back. Finally, a short tap on the centre of the speaker will resume the last music source played. 

If you're looking for a statement speaker that produces some delicious Danish sound - and have the money to back it up - the BeoPlay A9 is the speaker for you. 

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B&O Play BeoLit 15


  • Dimensions: 230 x 189 x 135mm, 2.7kg
  • Connections: Bluetooth, Aux-In
  • Colours: Black, Natural Champagne, Natural

The B&O Play BeoLit 15 has been discontinued now, but you can still pick one up from Amazon. It's a square-shaped speaker that's been designed for portable use. It often receives comparisons to a picnic hamper, which is fitting since it's more than happy to go outdoors.

It will make any picnic sing too, thanks to a 5.5-inch full-range driver, two 4-inch passive bass radiators and three 1.5-inch tweeters. Total peak output power is rated at 240-watts, so it's pretty powerful and it will keep on playing for up to 24 hours before the built-in battery needs a recharge. The BeoLit 15 can also be used with the Beoplay app to customise the sound to your personal tastes.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the BeoLit 15 though, is the lack of weather-proofing, which is strange considering its penchant for wanting to go outside. Nevertheless, it's still a terrific speaker that's capable of delivering some superb sound.

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B&O Play BeoLit 17

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  • Dimensions: 230 x 189 x 135mm, 2.6kg
  • Connections: Bluetooth, Aux-In
  • Colours: Stone Grey, Natural

The BeoLit 17 is the 15's successor, and delivers an enhanced sound thanks to a redesign of the power supply. The BeoLit 15 relies on DC charging, whereas the BeoLit 17 uses USB Type-C instead. This frees up space inside the cabinet to create a larger sound and also means the speaker can be recharged much quicker.

Once again, the picnic hamper speaker is coated in aluminium, although this time just in two different colours, and there's a rubberised tray on top to put your smartphone and it won't scratch the surface. 

You can use the Beoplay app to configure the one-touch command button on top to carry out one of four different functions: Alarm, Connect, ToneTouch or Remote. Two BeoLit 17 speakers can be connected together to create a stereo pair and the battery once again provides up to 24 hours of playback. 

Unfortunately there's still no shield against the weather, but the BeoLit 17 is ideal for pumping out tunes at parties, and is more powerful than the A1 or A2.

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B&O Play BeoPlay M5


  • Dimensions: 165 x 185 x 165mm, 2.54kg
  • Connections: AirPlay, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Chromecast, Deezer, Ethernet
  • Colours: Natural, Black

The BeoPlay M5 is a cylindrical speaker that fires sound out through a full 360-degrees. Inside it has a 5-inch woofer, a 1.5-inch midrange driver and three 0.75-inch tweeters, with each driver being given its own Class D amplification. 

It can either be used on its own, where it is more than capable of filling a room with sound, or be used as part of a multi-room music system with other B&O speakers. You can connect them together via Google Cast or BeoLink Multiroom and there's no limit to the number of speakers you can join together. 

The top aluminium disc is used to control the source and volume levels and you can use the Beoplay app to calibrate the sound depending on where the speaker is positioned. The BeoPlay M5 is a direct rival to the Naim Mu-so Qb, although it is slightly cheaper. We haven't been able to give the M5 a full review, but from our brief hands-on time, we were very impressed with the sheer scale of sound is was able to produce.

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