The best tower speakers 2022: Bringing powerful audio to your lounge

For a solid quality and modern style, these really deliver. (image credit: Sumvision)
You can't ask for more power out of these speakers than the almost 1000w they provide. (image credit: AUNA)
If you need a pair of tower speakers to crank out all the sound, then look no further. (image credit: AUNA)
This tower speaker is an ideal addition to your living room with its classic styling and great sound. (image credit: Yamaha)
A tower speaker that has a wide range of drivers that cover the bases of sound range. (image credit: Polk Audio)
A single tower that provides solid sound. (image credit: Sony)
A great pair of towers that pack in some sizeable drivers. (image credit: Dayton Audio)
A single tower of power with a huge 15" subwoofer delivers the bass. (image credit: Cerwin-Vega)
A single tower that delivers all the sound you need for a comprehensive package. (image credit: Rockville)
A tower speaker home entertainment system to complete your living space. (image credit: Rockville)