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(Pocket-lint) - The biggest and best party speakers will offer a perfect blend of portability and wall-busting sound, with extras like waterproofing and microphone support thrown in on top.

However, since dedicated party speakers are quite specific devices, it can be tough to find one that matches all your needs. Some are better suited to outdoor get-togethers, while others will only really excel when providing sound for indoor shindigs. 

To help you make sense of this niche area of speakers, we've detailed some of the top picks around.  

The best party speaker you can buy today

SonyBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 8

Sony GTK-XB5


Sony has plenty of party-style speakers for you to explore, but the GTK-XB5 - while a little on the pricey side - offers a good blend of basic features and solid performance.

Users can play music via Bluetooth or through Sony's NFC One-Touch technology, with the unit able to sit both horizontally or vertically and deliver solid, line or strobe lighting that can sync with the beat. 

Like other dedicated party speakers, you also have the option to double up and receive stereo sound. And, if that's still not enough power, you can add extra bass or make automatic sound enhancements with the touch of a button.

BuganiBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 2

Bugani Party Speaker


Bugani's speaker doesn't follow the same design path as many traditional party sound systems, but it makes this list purely because it's powerful enough to act as one.

You'll only be able to link your device via Bluetooth, but, once you do, you can then easily line up tracks to pump out through the two 20W mid-bass external magnetic speakers, which are balanced out by the two 4W tweeters and two subwoofer diaphragms. 

You can even pair two of the speakers together, which, given the price, is a really neat and affordable way to spread the sound around your party.

That includes the outdoors, too, since the speaker is IPX5 water-resistant.

SharpBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 9

Sharp PS-929


There are certainly options with better battery life - with this option managing just 13 hours - but the Sharp PS-929 offers comfortably one of the best designs.

There are two multi-colored LED lights and a LED flashing strip that can be tapped into for creating a party scene, and the included microphone (and the input for another) allows for karaoke, too.

If you're mainly focused on the music, though, that can be delivered via Bluetooth, AUX or USB, and two speakers can be wirelessly connected to give you left-right stereo sound.

Acoustic Audio by GoldwoodBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 6

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood (AA15LBS)


Acoustic Audio's AA15LBS is another one to seriously consider if you need maximum power, with the device able to reach a whopping 102dB.

That sound is courtesy of the huge 15-inch woofer at its heart, which is then also backed up and balanced out by the 2-inch tweeter. 

It's also portable, thanks to the wheels and handles, and users can connect via Bluetooth, AUX, SD card or USB to play their tunes. If it's being used more as a PA system, the microphone comes included, as well as a stand.

IonBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 3

Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus


Ion's party speaker is the kind you might remember from The Wolf of Wall Street, complete with a telescoping handle that lets you wheel it to where the action is.

On the inside, it packs a real punch - there's a 100W peak power amplifier, 8-inch woofer and a wide dispersion tweeter that's backed up by bass boosting controls, as well as a microphone for karaoke or announcements.

It's also able to stay powered for an age - 50 hours worth of playback is available through the unit, with users able to connect via Bluetooth or through the AUX port.

FentonBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 7

Fenton Portable Speaker System


Complete with jazzy lights and a powerful woofer, Fenton's portable speaker is ideal for big rooms, home parties and presentations.

The battery-powered speaker-on-wheels features a 15-inch woofer at its core, complemented by a 1-inch tweeter, and is able to access a total of 800W of power. 

So, whether you're looking to stream music over Bluetooth, AUX or USB, need to hook up your guitar to play for a small audience or want to deliver a message through the microphone - which includes an echo effect control - this is a versatile device to seriously consider.

PyleBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 5

Pyle PSBT125A


Pyle keeps the design of its portable party speaker relatively subtle, but there's nothing quiet about this model. 

With a 12-inch subwoofer, 3-inch treble speaker and a 1200W power supply, as well as a karaoke and PA system, you get more than enough sound to fill the background of an indoor or outdoor jamboree.

With support for Bluetooth, USB, AUX or SD card, too, you have plenty of options when it comes to actually playing music.

And, for those who need to move the sound around, the rechargeable battery ensures you can take this wherever you go and not have to worry about mains power.

QFXBest party speakers 2021: Pump it up with this collection of top sound machines photo 4



QFK's party speaker may not be everybody's cup of tea, since it resembles a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on wheels, but it's an extremely affordable unit for those who require room-filling sound. 

The microphone allows users to perform karaoke or make announcements, with music able to be queued up through Bluetooth or USB-enabled devices. It features built-in FM radio, as well, which can be controlled through the included remote.

We wouldn't necessarily say it's the best sounding speaker on this list, but the 8-inch woofer is still more than enough to help you soundtrack the party.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 22 January 2021.