Best cheap sound bar 2021: Crank your TV audio to the next level with these top picks

A compact, stylish soundbar that will give most households a giant leap forward in audio quality.

(image credit: Bose)

An excellent soundbar and subwoofer package for a very reasonable price. It's hard to go wrong here.

(image credit: TCL)

A simple option that can offer a great boost to first-time soundbar buyers.

(image credit: ZVOX)

Polk delivers another powerful pairing that audiophiles will love.

(image credit: Polk)

An ultra-budget soundbar that still packs in plenty of smart audio features.

(image credit: Majority)
Having this pairing at the heart of your TV audio setup is an absolute joy. (image credit: Samsung)
JBL showcases its class with this outstanding soundbar and subwoofer pair. (image credit: JBL)
With a more compact design, this is a super all-in-one soundbar that can live on desks, TV units or walls. (image credit: Yamaha)
Elite sound may come at a higher price than most, but Klipsch makes this pair a difficult one to ignore. (image credit: Klipsch)