Speakers always get a good shout-out at CES and this year was no different. Multi-room is still a rapidly growing market and Dolby Atmos surround sound is now trickling down into more affordable soundbars. Here are some of the best we've seen from the show.

B&O Play

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B&O Play released a short teaser video of its new product before the show began. We already assumed it would be a wireless speaker, and those assumptions came true in the form of the BeoPlay M5. In true Scandinavian fashion, it's wrapped in a wool-blend coat and in true B&O Play fashion, it's packed with speaker drivers and Chromecast support for wireless streaming and multi-room playback.

For a speaker of this scale the sheer volume and clarity is quite something, we thought when we had a listen. It costs £529, so we expect it to be pretty good. 


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LG may have unveiled a ridiculously thin OLED TV in the W7, but the company also revealed three intriguing soundbars. The flagship SJ9 comes with Dolby Atmos support thanks to two upward firing drivers, while the SJ8 can replace the stand on select LG TVs to improve the sound and the SJ7 can be split into two pieces, making it truly versatile.

The SJ9 even comes with the OLED W and acts as its media box. It has Spotify Connect and Chromecast support too.

Perhaps more off the wall was the LG PJ9 levitating Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a subwoofer base unit that also features electromagnets that propel and hold the 360-degree speaker unit in the air. When it requires recharging it slowly descends to charge and then starts to hover again.


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Sony did quietly announce two new pairs of headphones as part of its Extra Bass family of products, one of which has noise-cancelling tech built-in.

Sony also announced its first Dolby Atmos soundbar in the HT-ST5000. It has Sony's own S-Froce PRO Front Surround and DSP technologies, as well as a wide range of connection options.

There are seven front and surround channels, two Dolby Atmos channels that fire at the ceiling, and a separate wireless subwoofer.

It also supports Chromecast wireless streaming and will be available in spring for around £1,500.