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(Pocket-lint) - In the shadow of the LGs’ main event today, there appeared a successor to LGs’ first Android Wear smartwatch, the Watch Urbane

Called the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, the new watch includes several fresh features, including a heart rate monitor, a larger battery (570mAh), and a smaller chassis, which means it should look more natural on your wrist and less like a tech toy. The display size has also been slightly increased from the original model. Instead of a 1.3-inch display, it has a 1.38-inch one, with a resolution of 480x480 pixels (a bump up from 320x320).

Also different on this year's watch are the watch bands. Gone are the removable straps included on the first edition, as the new ones feature tech and hardware within them. The straps are actually LTE-enabled bands, enabling the watch to be completely untethered from your smartphone. It’s the first Android Wear watch to support such functionality, allowing you “to have a phone when having a phone isn’t convenient”," LG said.

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The example LG used to convey this while at its event involved a parody movie trailer. The company created a James Bond-esque character and showed him being held hostage. In the trailer, which aired at the event, he uses his new Urbane Watch to make a rescue phone call. Hopefully you won't ever be in the same situation, but the untether-ablity of LG's watch is apparent. It could be useful if you leave your phone behind in the car, for instance.

Unfortunately, none of the new Urbane Watch units on display at LG's event were active - and thus, all we can tell you is that, even though it’s smaller than the first edition, this thing is big. Like, really big. We have particularly small wrists, but a 38MM Apple Watch looks normal and unnoticeable on us. You definitely cannot say the same about the Urbane 2.

Also, measuring in at 14mm thick, we suspect anyone seeing this watch in person would have no doubt it’s a hefty smart watch, despite LGs’ best efforts to make it look more natural and smaller.

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Like the LG V10 smartphone that also unveiled today, LG didn’t provide any word on pricing or availability for its new Urbane Watch, but one would guess it would launch around the same time as the new flagship.

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Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published on 1 October 2015.