(Pocket-lint) - When the LG Watch Urbane LTE was announced, it was easy to assume that this was the Android Wear device, but connected with LTE. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The LG Watch Urbane LTE might share its name with the Android Wear device (which is an evolution of the G Watch R), but the Urbane LTE is something more significant.

It's significant not because it is connected through LTE - although that's a nice James Bond fantasy moment - but because it runs something called LG Wearable Platform.


LG hasn't said much about the platform, but we overheard some discussion that the LG Wearable Platform started with WebOS and evolved. LG has also said that a lot more news will be coming out on this new platform in the future.

But fire it up and you can see that - even if it technically isn't WebOS - there's a lot about the fluidity that reminds us of WebOS. That's a good thing. 

Of course we haven't seen Urbane LTE connected to a watch or lived with it like we have Android Wear, but first impressions from our time with LG Wearable Platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are good.


A press of the side button - of which there are three - takes you through to the apps, where you have everything you'd need on a connected watch. There's a dialer, messages app, NFC payment app, cinema booking app, golf, cycling, trekking. Yes, perhaps there's more than you need, but it's nicely done.

The most impressive thing is how fluid it is skipping in and out of these apps, as that shows real promise for LG's own platform, and a life beyond Android Wear. Is this a glimpse of LG Watch's future? We hope so.


The watch itself is like a supercharged Urbane with an impressive 700mAh battery inside. That's almost double the capacity of most other watches and given the size of the Urbane LTE (which isn't excessive) can't see why it can't be applied elsewhere.

As we mentioned the LG Watch Urbane LTE has three buttons and that lends to the design greatly. It's much more like a chronograph and it suits the style.


The metal finish and the attention to detail is impressive. We like the Watch Urbane, but having seen the Urbane LTE, it's the latter that we want.

Yes, the specs are similar - with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and 1.3-inch 245ppi display - but there's a bump in RAM to 1GB, that bigger battery and all that connectivity, including LTE, Wi-Fi and NFC. 

The LG Watch Urbane LTE will be a limited release (and there's no word on price) and it will be hitting Korea, with no announcements of wider availability. But the design speaks to us, the bump in battery appeals to us, and LG Wearable Platform has our interest piqued.

Writing by Chris Hall.