LG has confirmed to Pocket-lint that its new LG G Watch, powered by Google's new Android Wear operating system, will be available before July and for less than £180 in the UK. 

Showing the device at a product showcase in Weybridge, the prototype of the final version, which wasn't working, was sporting the final design, giving us a chance to have a quick feel of the new watch ahead of the official launch later this year. 

lg g watch release date by july and less than 180 in the uk hands on pictures  image 6

As the original mock-up pictures, already revealed by LG suggested, there will be no buttons on the device at all. The design offered a solid, seamless build that wasn't heavy but certainly felt premium.

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The strap will be changeable, LG has confirmed. That's something that will appeal to those keen to make the watch their own with their own strap rather than something forced on them by LG. The company also said it would consider offering a round option too in the future.

lg g watch release date by july and less than 180 in the uk hands on pictures  image 9

Sitting next to the Samsung Gear 2

Android Wear is Google's answer to the growing number of smartwatches with various operating systems already flooding the market. Expected to be detailed at the company's developer conference in June, Google I/O, the Search Engine has announced that it is working with a number of manufacturers including LG, Motorola, and Fossil to bring smart watches that work seamlessly with Android to the masses.

LG hasn't as yet detailed any specifications for the G Watch but says it will in the coming months. It sounds like Google and LG have really worked closely together on the G Watch's launch. Once we have details we'll share with you.