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(Pocket-lint) - Danish company Skagen, part of the Fossil Group, has shown off its Skagen Connected Hybrid Smartwatch at consumer electronics show IFA in Berlin. 

The new device looks like a typical watch on first look, but it is so much more than that when you look a little closer. Sporting a lovely premium design, the Skagen Connected has a solid stainless steel casing that features three buttons on the right-hand side. One of these is what is called a Smart Button and it allows you to snap a photo, ring your phone, control music and track goals.

There are a four different models of the Skagen Connected, all featuring different straps including leather and mesh. They all look great and they are all comfortable to wear, sitting nicely on the wrist. The face itself is where most of the party is happening though.

Pocket-lintskagen connected image 4

On the very outer edge of the face moving between the ten o'clock area to the eight o'clock area, are the numbers one to 31, representing the date. Move to three o'clock and you'll see the Skagen Connected logoin place of the line, while simple lines represent most other hours. Not all are present however as there is a secondary sub-dial situated on the left of the watch face in place of eight, nine and ten o'clock lines.

Within this secondary dial there is even more going on. The right-hand side of the sub-dial has 0 to 100, which represents percentage and refers to the user's set activity goal, while the left-hand side of the sub-dial is the where the extra smartwatch features come into play properly.

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Through the dedicated app, which we weren't able to use during our brief time, users will be able to set customised notifications for the people that matter most. The left side is labelled with A, B, C and D, allowing you to set up to four special people. You could set A as your partner for example, meaning when they call, the dial will spin to the respective letter so you'll know who is calling. The Skagen Connected will also notify you via a haptic vibration when you receive other messages too though.

In terms of the activity tracking we mentioned, the Skagen Connected is able to track steps and water intake, among other things, with goals set and progress monitored through the app. The Skagen Connected will also automatically update the time and date when travelling to different time zones, as well as when the time zone changes. You'll be able to view the hour of a second time zone of your choice with the push of a button too.

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Overall, the Skagen Connected smartwatches are lovely looking devices that add smart functions in a very clever way without the need for constant charging, or any charging for that matter. We are looking forward to see the app and experiencing how well the Skagen Connected works in the real world, but we have high hopes and are certainly big fans based on what we have seen so far.

The Skagen Connected smartwatches will be available from October. Specific pricing has yet to be announced for the four different models. We have been told they will all be under £300 and that the mesh strap model will be the most expensive. 

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 2 September 2016.