So you think your tough? What about your watch? Well Casio's latest offering in the G-Shock range is the Mudman. But how tough is it really? We put it to the test.

The G-Shock Mudman features shock resistant and mud resistant buttons as standard so you can enter any adventure race knowing that you'll still be able to tell the time at the other end.

Aside from the watch the Mudman features the usual G-Shock options including World Time, Double Stopwatch, Countdown Timer and 5 multi alarms.

Those worried about losing it mid race or exercise needn't, the watch features a dual catch on the strap for double protection.

Not as big as some of the G-Shock models the only complaint we have is the electro-luminescent backlight which will, for some, make the display (and time) hard to read.

In real terms what this means, is that rather than having the numbers black on white, it's white on black. There is a backlight, but you still want to clearly see what it going on without having to press a button - that's what those binary watches are for.


Probably one of the toughest watches you'll ever wear, the G-Shock is good for those who need a watch to withstand their busy lifestyles.

It's not anywhere near as impressive as a dedicated diving watch or one of the Suunto adventure watches, but then at £60 this is designed more for the training run or rugged lifestyler than those who need more than just a basic watch features.