(Pocket-lint) - The Casio Pro Trek line of watches offers outdoor lovers the sort of looks that could set you back much more. The Pro Trek doesn’t scrimp on features however, as its onboard sensors will give you access to a range of data to guide you in your outdoor pursuits. 

The PRW-5000T is not only tough, offering scratch resistant glass, resistance to temperatures down to -10 and 100m waterproofing, but it is also solar powered, with the background of the watch face being a solar cell.


Round the right-hand side of the watch you’ll find three big buttons - big enough to press when wearing gloves - offering access to the compass, barometer and altimeter, all ideal for those heading into the mountains, without wanting to forego those cool apre-ski looks.

At the press of one of these buttons, you’ll be delivered the information via the  small digital display, the second hand motoring around to indicate that you’ve selected one of these functions.

Beneath the screen is an “adjust” button, which in these modes offers an alternative view; the compass offering compass points as well as bearings in degrees, the barometer offering barometric pressure and temperature. You’ll also be able to set zero, so you can trace changes, for example press and hold in the altimeter function and you’ll be able to glance at the second hand to see if you’ve gained or lost altitude.

Elsewhere you get the regular functions you’d expect from a Casio watch, including stopwatch, timer, alarms and so on. Travellers might be happy to the world time offering, providing 29 labelled locations on the dial so you can change the digital display to reflect an alternative location.


Accuracy isn’t a problem thanks to the radio time reception, accepting signals to make sure your watch always shows the right time. No need to worry about missing that alarm when the clocks change.

Despite the chunky looks, the PRW-5000T isn’t that heavy, but it is large. The metal strap offers a dual-clasp mechanism that means it won’t come undone on the ski lift.

At £320 the Casio Pro Trek PRW-5000T is a little more expensive than your average G-Shock, but we love the classy looks.

Writing by Chris Hall.