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(Pocket-lint) - There are plenty of Apple Watch docks on the market already. Companies like Griffin, TwelveSouth, Belkin and others were all keen to offer something in place of Apple's absence.

Now Apple has announced, and launched its own docking station for the Apple Watch. Should you go Apple? We've grabbed one of the new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock to find out.

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Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock: Design

Unless you bought the top of the range Apple Watch Edition watch you've, until now, probably just been happy slapping your Apple Watch on the dangling magnetic charger you've had lying on your bed side table.

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock wants to change all that giving you a place to put your Apple Watch either lying down flat or on its side.

The heavy circular off-white coloured disk has enough weight to not move around then you place the Watch on it, or take it off again, and comes with a soft plush microfiber cloth backing, the same as the iPad covers, to give it more "stick" on any surface.

The top of the circular dock is soft too, and although not detailed by Apple, feels the same as the soft to touch iPad and iPhone case ranges.

The design of the outside perimeter is only broken by a socket for a Lightning cable. You get a 2m cable in the box, although the actual magnetic charger is included in the design.

That charging puck is on a strong and sturdy hinge, embellished with gloss silver aluminium, and rotates 90 degrees allowing you to lay your Apple Watch flat, at a slight angle, or upright to take advantage of Nightstand mode.

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Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock: In use

It's a charging dock, so there's not much too it. The charging puck in the centre is accessed by pushing from the bottom, and once you've got it set at the angle you want, there's not much else to worry about.

The upright design works well for closed bands like the Milanese Loop, although a standard Sports band works just as well.

The design isn't as fiddly as some of the others docks on the market, with Apple believing it can create something simplistic rather than "shouty".

This won't charge your iPhone at the same time, or do anything other than charge your Apple Watch.

First Impressions

Simple yet effective, it does what it sets out to do without trying to make a song and dance of it all.

It is heavy enough to give it some heft on your night stand, and that has made putting the watch down at night and taking it off again in the morning a lot easier - not that doing it without a dock is that much of a problem anyway.

A well made product from Apple that like the watch, is really about spoiling yourself rather than really needing it to survive.

Writing by Stuart Miles.