(Pocket-lint) - It didn't seem long after the launch of the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel smartwatches that the company unveiled another model in the line-up. However, while it is in the same family, and with the same colour Pebble OS and Timeline software, the Pebble Time Round is aimed at a very different watch wearer.

It is slimmer, sleeker, dare-we-say-it, sexier than the other two in the full-colour range and what's more it will be available to buy from this Sunday, 8 November. What's more, although we were originally told that US consumers would be the first to get their hands on one, you will actually also be able to order one from the Pebble website for shipping to the UK and other countries too.

Retail stores in the UK won't stock the Pebble Time Round until early next year, but you will be able to buy one from getpebble.com on day one.

We will also soon be posting our full review of the new model here on Pocket-lint in the next week, but we also got a taste of several designs in order to give you our first impressions. We have to say that the build-quality and aesthetics are very nice indeed.


The watch unit itself is remarkably thin - thinner than most normal watches rather than smart ones. It's just 7.5mm deep and extremely light. However, the chassis is built from the same marine grade stainless steel as the Pebble Time Steel and it feels reassuringly sturdy and robust, regardless of its svelte design.

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There are two strap options, with either 14mm and 20mm bands, each of which are thinner than their counterparts on the other models. The former matches anything we've seen in the ladies watch department, for sure. The bands also have the same quick release mechanism as the other Pebble Time devices, so can be swapped rapidly.

On the rear, there are the two normal charging points for the USB cable that magnetically snaps into place. And the front does have a large bezel, but when you hold one, it works more like a design feature. There are some models, in fact, that have numbers on the bezel making it look even more part of the functions of the watch.


The e-paper screen inside is always-on, as all Pebbles, and is easy to read even with the backlight off. And the display is octagonal inside, for those who thought it might have been the exactly same technology as on the square models. Therefore it is custom made.

All of the Pebble OS features are present, including the past, present and future Timeline, notifications, apps and interchangeable watchfaces, and there are plenty that work splendidly with the round aspect already.

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The one obvious caveat at present is more thanks to the slimness of the device rather than its round shape. While the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel can last around a week apiece between charges, the Round is more like two to three days (quoted). That's still better than most smartwatches on the market, however, so we'll check out the impact of it when we perform our full test.

As things stand, it's a beautiful watch to hold and wear, we just need to find out if it's beautiful to use over a period too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.