(Pocket-lint) - Mercedes is starting to experiment with a range of different wearable technologies in its cars by teaming up with companies like Google and Pebble.

Announced at CES, the German car maker is to launch a Pebble smartwatch app that connects with your car allowing you access to a number of things.

The idea is that drivers of all Mercedes made after 2009 will be able to use the Pebble smartwatch as an extension of the sort of features found in the Digital DriveStyle app for iPhone, which can alert drivers to things like hazards on the road, as well as provide other information.


Talking to Pocket-lint on the company's stand at CES in Las Vegas, a spokesman for the company demoed how drivers who've seen an accident will be able to simply press a button on the Pebble watch for all drivers using the service to be alerted to the accident, regardless of whether they own a Pebble or not.

You'll also be able to set Pebble to work as quick buttons for automatic routing like heading to your home or work rather than having to touch anything in the car.

The app also extends outside of the car too with the app allowing to you see if your car is locked and how much petrol you have, and because of the new way the Pebble appstore works you won't need to have the Mercedes DriveStyle app running.


But it's not just Pebble, Mercedes has teamed up with Google too and its Google Glass Project. Although no official launch details have been given because Google hasn't launched Glass as something the public can buy, that hasn't stopped Mercedes demonstrating a door-to door-navigation system that works with its cars.

The idea, as explained by Mercedes, is that you'll be able to start navigation directions from Google Glass while walking, take it off when in the car, and then put them back on at the other end without breaking the navigational instructions. 

Because Glass connects to your car the instructions are automatically pushed to your car's navigation system the moment you start up the engine, and then the moment you leave are passed back to Google Glass giving you a seamless routing experience when you're back on foot. 

The app is still very much in early testing at the moment although works as described, but Mercedes says that it hopes to make it available once Google Glass becomes available to all consumers. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.