(Pocket-lint) - It's been around for "a few months", Pocket-lint was told, but the Amazon Summer Wish List event was the first time that we've come up close with the Braun Prestige BN10 digital watch for men - and we likey. A lotty.

Made from incredibly solid stainless steel, the classy watch exudes retro cool while retaining the thick, sturdy build of a modern day timepiece. It's actually 10.1mm thick, in fact, so you will always be aware that it's on your wrist - it's reassuringly heavy, we would say.


One of our favourite features is the proprietary EasySkroll v2.0 operating system and mini scroller on the fascia. Whip it up or down and it zips through the watch's functions - of which there are purposefully few - and it avoids all that unpleasant business with side buttons. At least for functionality's sake, there are still a couple on the sides for starting the chronograph and such like.

The LCD display is LED backlit and is sharp and clear, plus the front is covered in scratch-resistant K1 hardened glass, so should withstand a few knocks and bumps. The BN10 is water resistant to 30m.


Of course, essentially it's just a watch. There's no Bluetooth, NFC or other fancy features. It tells the time, the date and can record how fast something goes, that's about it. But it looks totally and utterly beautiful and has been elevated to the top of our wish lists immediately.

The Braun Prestige BN10 digital watch is available in stainless steel or black plated stainless steel for £450 (less on Amazon.co.uk at the moment - £375). A rubber-strapped version is also available for £400 (also £375 on Amazon).

Writing by Rik Henderson.