It's all about intelligent watches at CES this year as i'm Watch announces it has updated its digital watch with new software to give it a lot more functionality.

First announced at CES 2012, the new version now runs the i'm Droid 2 operating system - a customised Android version developed by i'm Watch engineers based on Android 2.0.

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"These developments are the fruit of a year of research that has led to the development of i'm Droid 2,"  the company explained to Pocket-lint when we went to check out the new device.

While the hardware remains the same, the software has changed dramatically. The watch has improved the contacts and phone elements of the software as well as letting you play music via the built-in speaker.

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There's also a camera app, facebook app and more, all designed to save you getting your phone out of your pocket.

There are still issues that need to be addressed, such as the need to charge it on a daily basis and the expense compared to a wave of cheaper, less-evolved devices about to come on to the market.