(Pocket-lint) - Those already being asked what they'd like for Christmas might want to take a glance at the 2012 edition of the famous TW Steel watches. Available from Amazon in time for the festive season, as well as from other retailers in time, is the TWA 202 watch which took our attention away from all of the others on display simply because it looks great.

Black and tan is not a colour combination you see all that often in watches and there's something rather - and we mean this in as non-childish way as possible - James Bond about it. We're talking a kind of all-new and rugged Daniel Craig, late Noughties/early 2010s kind of zeitgeist man; the kind of man that's allowed to be a man again whether that entails garotting Russians with cheese wire or just walking round with a super cool man watch.


If that's the kind of man you aspire to be, then get you own hands-on, or better still through, the TW Steel TWA 202. It has a sizeable 50mm, PVD black-coated, steel case; precision movement - of course - and a nifty, but probably pointless, winder lock mechanism which really just adds a few man points. Last of all, it's finished off with a tan leather strap which almost says "Desert Storm" without actually committing you to making up tales of the flaming oil fields of Kuwait - which is good because you probably weren't there.

The TWA 202 can be yours for £425. Stop your blubbing and dig deep.

Writing by Dan Sung.