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(Pocket-lint) - Withings has announced three new health-focused devices at CES 2019, but they aren't due out until later in 2019.

The new lineup consists of different types of wearables, all with a focus on health and preventative medicine, which will hopefully help save lives. Similar to the recent Apple Watch Series 4, two of the devices are capable of performing a complex medical test known as an ECG, which can detect heart problems by measuring the electrical activity generated from the heart as it contracts.

Withings new devices are called the BPM Core, the Move, and the Move ECG. The first is a cuff, and the other two are watches.

Withings BPM Core

Withings is billing the BPM Core as the most advanced health based product it's ever produced. It is essentially a cuff that wraps around your wrist and is loaded with sensors capable of measuring a user’s vitals to give important information that was once only available in a proper medical setting. The BPM Core needs to be placed on a user’s upper arm to work, and then it will perform three tests.

These tests involve blood pressure, valvular health, and an electrocardiogram (ECG), the latter of which allows the BPM Core to identify AFib (atrial fibrillation, a quivering or irregular heartbeat) in its users. The BPM Core is capable of performing hundreds of measurements on a single charge. While it isn’t the most stylish thing, the BPM Core is the latest example of how wearables can be used to help save lives.

It will go on sale for £249.95 in the second quarter of 2019.

WithingsWithings new Move watch and BMP Core cuff can both perform ECGs image 2

The Move and Move ECG

As you might have been able to guess from the names, one of the main difference between these two new smartwatches is that the Move ECG offers the ability to perform ECGs in order to detect AFib, while the other doesn't. Apart from that, the devices are similar and are capable of tracking workouts and exercise and also analyzing sleep patterns with the use of the Health Mate app.

This app also allows users to set different goals and track their progress throughout the day. The Move boasts an impressive 18-month battery life, while the Move ECG offers a battery life of up to one year. Another main difference between the two devices is the level of customisation available. The Move ECG watchface will only be available in black or white to start, with a variety of wristbands to choose from.

The Move, on the other hand will debut with five colour choices, but as 2019 rolls on, Withings said it will add more customisation options. The Move will be available for preorder on 7 January for £59.95 before it begins shipping in early February. As for the Move ECG, Withings said it will start out £129.95 and is expected to be available to consumers sometime in the second quarter of 2019.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.