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(Pocket-lint) - Tag Heuer's commitment to its smartwatches is commendable. With many of the original smartwatch manufacturers withdrawing from the market, leaving the likes of Samsung and Apple to dominate, the luxury brand has released its third generation of customisable smartwatch.

The Tag Heuer Connected allows you to choose what your watch looks like, from the materials of the body of the watch through to the lugs and the straps, with customisation key for this high-end watch. That means that wealthy customers can get exactly the look they want and change it as often as they like. 

While much of the technology of this watch remains similar to previous versions, it's the emergence of a sports focus from Tag Heuer that's new. A new sports app will let owners track all their sports - something started by the golf edition in 2019 - to make it more than just a connected timepiece.

Tag HeuerTag Heuer Connected 2020 image 1

But the real difference is in the addition of two more buttons on the side. The Connected has previously relied on one button and now there's three - and that makes it a lot easier to handle sports functions than just the touchscreen alone, not to mention that it's much better with gloves. 

Tag Heuer says that watch has been optimised for sports, with the 440mAh battery designed to support 1 hour of GPS and heart rate tracking while streaming music - exactly the sort of thing you'd need for an average workout. But it can track activities up to 6 hours, again with GPS, heart rate and music streaming. 

It runs Wear OS - Google's smartwatch platform previously called Android Wear - and the casing is 45mm; you can get the body in titanium or stainless steel while the 1.39-inch, 454 x 454 pixel display is covered by sapphire crystal.

You'll get a full range of customisations from the Tag watch faces, as well as seamless integration with Google services like Google Assistant. It will work great with Android devices, but also supports the iPhone, with a wide range of apps and services that you can download direct to the watch, supporting things like offline music by syncing playlists.

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There's a price, of course, with a stainless steel case and rubber strap model costing from £1495 - but what price can you put on quality? It's available to buy from Tag Heuer now.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 12 March 2020.