Sony's crowdfunded FES watch, with a mono E Ink display, will finally make it onto consumers' wrists in Japan on 21 November, a year after first being touted.

The device by sub-brand Fashion Entertainment Solutions (hence FES), doesn't quite fit into the smartwatch category as, although it features a customisable face and band, it doesn't really do much else other than tell the time.

Instead it is seen more as a fashion accessory that incorporates technology, rather than aims at Pebble and its devices. That's why it is being sold in the MoMA Design Store rather than Tokyo's equivalent of Currys.

Customers can also pre-order the watch from that store already for pick up on sale day.

It retails for 29,700 yen (around £160) and there's no word currently on a release anywhere outside of Japan.

Because the watch doesn't really do much except change design when the button is pressed and, well, tell the time, battery life is claimed to last up to two years - much like a normal wristwatch.

There will be plenty of wearers lined up already as the funding for its release was raised by interested parties through Sony's own version of Kickstarter in Japan, First Flight.