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(Pocket-lint) - The Sony SmartWatch 2, the company's second take on wearable technology, was set to launch to the masses on Monday, except that didn't turn out to be the case. Instead, the SmartWatch 2 saw a bit of delay, and will launch two months later. 

In a posting on its online store, retailer Clove UK said the release date of the SmartWatch 2 had been pushed back to 9 September. "It has transpired that the date of 15 July given by Sony’s distribution arm was incorrect," Clove wrote on its website. A reason for the delay was not provided, but we've reached out to Sony in hopes of getting an answer. 

Pocket-lint got a first look at the Sony SmartWatch 2 at a late-June press event. Unfortunately the sample on display at the London event was a prototype, so we've only had the chance to look at the overall design of the watch; we'll be looking at the user interface as soon as we can. However, Sony has shown that it has an aluminium frame with the same button design as the Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra.

The sample we had featured a leather strap, although Sony confirmed to Pocket-lint that there will be a choice of strap styles, as well as a range of colours if you want to make it a little more exciting, available when the watch launches.

Mobile device manufacturers have been racing to bring a modern smartwatch to market, and it appears Sony will be one of the first on the scene. Samsung, Google, Microsoft, LG, Apple and others have already confirmed or are rumoured to be making a smartwatch in the near future. 

Writing by Jake Smith.