(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has launched its Health Monitor app for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and with it, enabled the blood pressure monitoring feature for the wrist worn device. 

Currently, the app is only available in Samsung's home country, Korea, but it adds another string to the bow of an accomplished health and fitness tracker. 

In order to use the feature, Watch Active 2 wearers need to first calibrate the watch by using a traditional cuff to measure the blood pressure. Following that calibration, the watch uses the relationship between that measurement and the heart rate waves in order to measure blood pressure going forward. 


Samsung does note, however, that in order to ensure this remains an accurate measurement that calibration is done every month. Similarly, it's not recommended that users take this measurement as a means to self-diagnose conditions or alter any prescribed medication.

Like all wrist-worn monitoring, it's recommended as a relatively - but not completely - accurate indicator of the user's health. Samsung will also enable the ECG feature using the same Health Monitor app at some point near the end of this year.  

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 launched in September 2019, with the promise that it would enable these advanced monitoring features in the future. It was similar for the Apple Watch Series 4, which launched without the ECG performing feature that was enabled later on, once approvals were in place. 

Samsung is expected to add to its smartwatch portfolio in the near future, with the Galaxy Watch 3 series. It's expected to land at some point this summer, and rumoured to feature all of these advanced fitness and health tracking capabilities too. 

As for the Health Monitor app, Samsung's press release doesn't mention any timeframe for wider rollout across the globe. It could be that it remains the the manufacturer's home country for now. 


Writing by Cam Bunton.