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(Pocket-lint) - The replacement for the Samsung Gear S3 has been rumoured for some time, but things are getting closer to the final details - and launch - with both watches passing through the FCC.

Initially referred to as the Samsung Gear S4, rumours then suggested it might be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch, codenamed Galileo. This has seemingly been confirmed by the FCC - the US Federal Communications Commission - who also have details on two different Galaxy Watch devices. 

The FCC doesn't give us a lot of information on the devices, only enough to show where the regulatory text will be placed and what radio communications standards they use - LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. The confirmation of LTE suggests that Samsung will be offering some versions of the Galaxy Watch that will have their own connection, providing online services without the need for a smartphone.

Droid-Life/FCCSamsung Galaxy Watch likely to come in two sizes LTE support on both image 2

The smaller Samsung Galaxy Watch is said to measure 51.2mm x 43.4mm with a 1.19-inch display. The larger Samsung Galaxy Watch is said to expand to 48mm according to Droid Life who uncovered the details and compared the two side-by-side, with a larger 1.3-inch display.

Rumours have suggested that the Galaxy Watch will be unveiled alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launching on 9 August. This hasn't been confirmed by Samsung so there's still a chance it could launch at IFA 2018 later in the month.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 23 July 2018.