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(Pocket-lint) - If you've been wanting to live that secret agent dream, then now is your time thanks to SGNL, a smart replacement for your watch strap.

This smart watch strap will let you take phone calls using your finger, rather than having to use a headset. Using "body conduction", all you have to do it place your fingertip to your ear and you'll be able to hear your call, as vibrations travel from the strap on your wrist and into your ear through your finger.

SGNL is designed so you can replace your watch strap with this clever gadget, meaning you then don't need to get your phone out of your pocket when a call comes in. If you're using a smartwatch, you can replace the strap wit SGNL, then all you'll have to do is glance at the caller and stick your finger in your ear.

The SGNL strap connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, so it's effectively working as a Bluetooth headset. There's a controlling app to let you customise functions, as well as set-up the LED indicators. These can be programmed to display who is calling, so even if you don't have a smartwatch, you'll still be able to see it's your mother, and take that important call.

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The strap is designed to fit any standard 18-24mm lugs and there's a kit included to make sure you can adapt your watch and make it a little smarter.

SGNL is currently on Kickstarter, raising funds, but it's actually an off-shoot of Samsung, and we found it being demonstrated on the Samsung stand at IFA 2016.

The Samsung rep on the stand said that it would be available in February. We're expecting to see SGNL again at MWC 2017.

Writing by Chris Hall.