The Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic smartwatches were unveiled by Samsung at the IFA 2015 trade-show. We got hands-on time and managed to snap all the watch faces on offer.

Samsung did point out that on certain faces it is possible to personalise the layout. So if you want to change the hands on a clock face, for example, that's an option. For this reason there are more variations on the faces shown here. But these are all the out-of-the-box options that you'll get.

Of course there will likely be plenty more third-party options as well as updates from Samsung in the future so these faces are just the beginning.

Samsung has incorporated plenty of fitness and activity tracking into its latest smartwatch. To compliment these readings there are a few faces dedicated to at-a-glance data. So from heart rate read outs to step tracking bubbles that change size as you do better, there's plenty to choose from. There's even a dedicated Nike face that ships with the watch.

Check out all the faces in our gallery to plan ahead if you're thinking of picking on up when they go on sale.