Samsung doesn't want you to forget that it has a round smartwatch coming.

A Samsung executive wants you to remember so badly that he went and posted a photo of himself wearing the yet-to-be-released wearable to his Instagram. This isn't an accidental leak or something like that. He captioned it with the following: "Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 a test drive."

Dennis Miloseski, the executive who posted the photo, is the vice president and the studio head for Samsung Design America - and his photo is one of the best looks we've been able to get of the device. It's not a render or a still from a teaser trailer; it's a filter-heavy Instagram snap. And we appreciate it.

We'll take all the teasers Samsung wants to throw our way. At this point, we're pretty familiar with the smartwatch's design (and it seems to be a beaut), but we're still wondering how the software works. Everyone thinks the Gear S2 runs Tizen. We won't know more until the company unveils it next month.

Dennis Miloseski | Instagrama samsung exec just shared this ig pic of the upcoming gear s2 on his wrist image 2

Samsung's previous teasers all point to 3 September at the IFA trade show in Berlin. Pocket-lint will be there live covering the news as it breaks.

So stay tuned.