(Pocket-lint) - Samsung wants to get you pumped for the Gear S2, so it has just released a version of the promo video it showed off at an event last week. It basically teases the watch's interface and a few watch-optimised apps.

Many people are already excited about Gear S2 because of its a drastic departure from the current Gear line. The upcoming watch will be circular instead of rectangular, and it's made of metal. It looks as though it could give the Apple Watch a run for its money - but that's just in terms of design.

We're still wondering how the device might work and whether it'll be easy to navigate. But Samsung's new 30-second clip has provided us with a few clues. We can see the watch will have a weather app, a time zone app, a stopwatch app, and a sports app. It might even be equipped with a heart-rate sensor.

The video also seems to show different watch apps lined up along the inner ring of the watch face - and then how to toggle through them, one by one, as if you were trying to get to an app to select. It's hard to tell if this is just an animation or an example of how you would actually go about selecting an app.

Word on the street is that this watch is powered by Tizen. Samsung plans to debut the watch in early September, so we'll know more at that time. Tune into our Samsung hub in the meantime for all the latest.

Writing by Elyse Betters.