(Pocket-lint) - Smartwatches are well and truly here with Android Wear leading the charge and Apple's Watch coming soon. But it's just another gadget to charge, Samsung heard you say. That's why it's created a cable that will allow you to charge your smartwatch from your phone.

The Power Sharing Cable plugs in the micro-USB port of a phone at one end and the watch's adapter block at the other end. While this will allow you to pump juice into your wrist wear from your phone it will mean carrying a cable and the charging dock for the wearable.

Since the cable is made for micro-USB at both ends Samsung says it's compatible with "any device" which charges via USB. So from a Samsung Gear Live to a Motorola Moto 360 this should be able to juice your watch.

The companion app lets you control the level of power being drained from the phone to the watch. So if you're packing a huge battery in a Note 4 you may want to deal it out at full force, but a smaller Galaxy S5 mini may hold back and just give enough power to last the day.

The Samsung Power Sharing Cable is available now for £15.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.